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1. What film made the biggest impression on you as a child? I grew up watching ‘The Incredible Hulk’ so for the longest time I’d fantasize about turning into a big, green, furious monster when I got angry. One minute with the power to destroy everything that attacked me, then the next, back to being […]

This week we’re getting spooky at RICE, and luring the spirits out of the underworld with three scary documentaries for Halloween. Cropsey (2009) Cropsey follows Staten Island natives Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio as they investigate the hook-handed, shadow-lurking, child-stealing bogeyman ‘Cropsey’; stories of whom had pervaded the area for years. As if this wasn’t […]

After an inspiring weekend celebrating Vietnamese Women’s Day here at RICE, today we honour the life and work of Director Nguyen Thi Tham. A pioneer for female Documentary filmmakers in Vietnam. Finding Film Born in 1984 to a family of Labourers, Tham started out in life with no knowledge of Documentary film, yet as she grew […]

1. What film made the biggest impression on you as a child? Like most kids, when I was small, I watched whatever was on TV, but in particular I loved comedy. I liked the comedy movies of Stephen Chow (Châu Tinh Trì), not only for the entertainment factor, but also for the way he experimented […]

1. How did you end up in DIGIPOST? Having studied at Arena Multimedia, I set my goal to become a 3D artist. I had worked for several game companies but the job felt the same everyday, that’s why I applied for Digipost to have a chance to work on more projects of different topics.  Later Digipost […]

Working with sounds is working with something invisible. Not like the video footage where you can see which angle or color of each clip, we only have a line of waveform to ‘see’ every audio file. Clueless, as someone might say about the job of sound editing. And it was also how I started my […]

As an aspiring filmmaker myself, I have friends and colleagues who are also young and at the early stage of their filmmaking career. During our discussions, the career-driven ones talk about the skills they need to step up their game in the professional world. While the more artistic ones argue that if they let themselves […]

Who would have imagined that one of the challenges of being a filmmaker was braving an infinite number of leeches in a jungle?  Imagine looking down to the ground and seeing tiny tentacles reaching out to you and crawling towards your feet.  Occasionally you spot a leech already crawling on your shoe. Our filmmaker, Ha […]

  What is more challenging than coordinating a 2 day shoot in a desert? Lugging giant cacti across the desert in small jeeps!   Why not throw in some cows and we have a shoot worth talking about. Shooting Gallery Singapore partnered with us to coordinate this challenging shoot.  Having already braved the seas in Phu […]

The RICE team ended 2017 with a baby challenge!  That is, we were basically tasked to produce a music video about the imaginary world of a baby’s mind for the brand, Huggies. This project posed two key challenges.  Firstly and importantly, the casting; we needed to get the right baby that we did not need […]

Dong On – our filmmaker shares about our new series RICExperiment. Can you describe briefly about RICExperiments? Our team created RICExperiments to explore using physical, chemical and sonic methods to create unexpected visual results. Usually in commercial projects coming through RICE & Partners, we have less time for experimentation, so this series challenges the RICE […]

Let’s meet Paul, our Account Executive for “Chasing the stars” series featuring Michelin chefs on their visit to Saigon: -What is your role in RICE & Partners?   My main job at RICE&Partners is to handle client accounts. I usually start by taking brief from client, then I work closely with the creative, production and […]

ANUSMITA BASU – “Step out of your comfort zone and tap into your passion” – I am Anu, a writer & researcher at Rice&Partners. I was raised in three different countries- India, Uganda and Singapore and I believe that travelling is vital in shaping our personality and nurturing our creativity. While filming the wildlife of […]

My name is Lai Ngoc Quynh. This is my last semester at RMIT and Internship is also my last course. Right now, I’m working at RICE & partners as a filmmaker intern. What kind of work do I do there? I cannot count. I do a lot of things from making checklists, keeping the equipment room […]

Live-streaming with smartphone VS Live-streaming with professional equipment There are differences in technical offerings, operating speed, durability & stability between smartphone and specialized equipment, each method has its own advantages & disadvantage. 1 – technical offerings: A multi-camera livestream setup allows us to stream at almost any standard frame rate while livestream application on smartphones […]

When we were approached to do a film for Nam Ngu in Phu Quoc, our team were initially hesitant whether our ‘documentary’ approach would fit with the conventional style of commercial production.  Nonetheless we decided to take on the challenge! Phu Quoc is an island off the Southern coast of Vietnam, and is important for […]

— Vietnamese below — Trading Places was something a little different for the RICE team. We’ve done plenty of documentary style videos as part of the Young Saigon series and elsewhere. It’s always been important to our team to get close to a subject, build a personal relationship and give an honest representation of them. […]

Read pt. 1 on Digipost’s blog. (Sponsored by Digipost, RICE & Partners and The Lab Saigon. Hosted at the AIA Nest by Bao Nguyen with treats from W Bakes.) Bao Nguyen is a Saigon-based filmmaker whose past work has been seen in the New York Times, HBO, NBC, Vice, ARTE, PBS, among many others. In addition, […]

This International Women’s Day we had the opportunity to work with a brand that embodies the core principles of the holiday: to celebrate the social, economic and cultural achievements of women. WOO‘s artisans craft handmade home fragrances, personal care products and accessories with sustainably sourced, fairly traded ingredients. WOO proves that luxury goods can also be ethical, […]

How did you end up at RICE? One year ago, I came across RICE Channel TV on the internet and was pretty impressed by what I saw. Besides the fact that not many local channels produce that kind of content, RICE videos also had professional quality in terms of cinematography and editing. After attending the […]

At RICE we don’t just make content for clients, we encourage each other to work on our own creative projects. In fact, as a core team of filmmakers who do content instead of content marketers making films, it’s a founding principle of RICE that we respect and make time for our own creative endeavors. This week we’d […]

The year of the rooster is here. Our team has grown to twelve people and we’re looking ahead to a bigger and better 2017, full of well-told stories. We asked a few people on our team what they would be getting up to this holiday so you can get to know our ever-expanding crew a little better.   […]

At the RICE & Partners office we have a whole (small) room of people dedicated to the intangible yet essential first steps of producing content: coming up with a good idea. We asked Que Nguyen, Concept Lead, about why you need professional brainstormers on your team in order to come up with concepts that really […]

Our work has covered the gamut this year: from intimate, personal mini-docs to ambitious studio productions. We took an internal survey among the team to see which of all of these were our top three favorite. Here they are: RICE IS HERE! SPECIAL – Sapa, An Underrated Challenge   We definitely had some fun with […]

* Mẫn ( sitting on the left, first round ) It has been a week since the successful ‘State of Content’ event.  Mẫn, our Social Media Planner of the RICE team, is back in the office enjoying her coffee on a rainy Tuesday when we ask her for this interview.   How did you end up […]

The ‘State of Content’ is a networking event featuring content producers in Saigon. Organized by RICE & Partners and Lab Saigon, with support from YOLO Pictures, Red 2 Digital and Discovery Channel Network Asia-Pacific, the event was attended by marketers, content producers and creatives. During RICE & Partners presentation, Andy Ho, Executive Producer of RICE […]

RICE’s video of Vietnamese young people conquering Mount Everest has been named the best online advertising of 2016 It was based on a true story about the youngest Vietnamese to conquer Mount Everest. On May 22, 2008, Phan Thanh Nhien, then 23, together with two other Vietnamese became the first Vietnamese people to arrive at […]

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